House in Valencia


This project started with a request from our clients to look for a nice spot for their second home near the beach in Valencia. They wanted it in the city, with all its services, but also, it had to be close to the sea. We found a place meeting their requirements in the Malvarrosa Beach in Valencia.
In this house, we took care of the architectural design, the interior design, the selection of all the furniture and decoration elements, and also, the garden design. Therefore, we have taken care of the whole process in this project: from the selection of the spot to build the house, to the furniture selection and garden planting. And we feel especially proud with the result.

The project consists in two houses connected by the garden. The main one has beautiful views to the beach and the sea, and a big roof terrace with a small swimming pool.

The guest house is smaller, at the back, and has access from the street behind.
We opened large windows to the light and the view, but protecting them with the shape of the walls surrounding them, giving the house its final aspect.

Architecture, Atmospheres, Real Estate

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